Episode 102: David Howard Thorton


Season 1, Episode 2: David Howard Thornton

The Terrifier himself took a night off to talk about how music has influenced him.  Trust me, you won't see these coming at all....

Watch the "Terrifier" Trailer

I found this cool transformation video of David becoming Art the Clown: Watch Here

Nightwing Escalation

David's YouTube...

...and SoundCloud
Twitter: @DavidHThornton
Instagram: @davidhowardthornton

Spotify Playlist

David's fiVe:

Silent Night, performed by Frank Sinatra

Summertime, performed by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

Master of the House, The Original Broadway Cast of Les Miserables

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Friend Like Me, Aladdin, performed by Robin Williams

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