Episode 101: Jonathan Schang


Multi-Instrumentalist and founding member of the Chicago based Progressive Rock Band District 97, Jonathan Schang joins the pod to discuss his musical influences.  

Our. Very. First. Show.  We were so excited, we had an extra special guest.

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District 97 is going on tour this Fall!  Check out their site for dates and follow them on Twitter.com and Facebook


As promised.... Leslie's Elimination Performance on American Idol

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Episode 102: David Howard Thorton


Season 1, Episode 2: David Howard Thornton

The Terrifier himself took a night off to talk about how music has influenced him.  Trust me, you won't see these coming at all....

Watch the "Terrifier" Trailer

I found this cool transformation video of David becoming Art the Clown: Watch Here

Nightwing Escalation

David's YouTube...

...and SoundCloud
Twitter: @DavidHThornton
Instagram: @davidhowardthornton

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David's fiVe:

Silent Night, performed by Frank Sinatra

Summertime, performed by Louis Armstrong & Ella Fitzgerald

Master of the House, The Original Broadway Cast of Les Miserables

Bohemian Rhapsody, Queen

Friend Like Me, Aladdin, performed by Robin Williams

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