The marriage between visual and audio is a very delicate one.  It takes a great deal of patience, attention to detail, and communication to make it a success.  Whether you are a seasoned songwriter or a new artist, a student filmmaker or an award winning director, our music supervision services aim to provide you with just what you're looking for.

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If you are looking for music, visit our music request page.

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Licensing your music in film and television is the best way to gain exposure and earn some extra money.  

About Our Service:

When you submit music for the FFHE Contention Catalogue, you will be asked to enter into and agree with our Terms of Service.  This is where you agree to allow us the rights we need to pitch and license your work on your behalf.  This is a universal non-exclusive contract and you will retain full ownership of all copyrights.  When your music is licensed, you will earn 65% of the licensing revenue as well as 100% of all public performance royalties.  There is no fee to use our service, and you can terminate your contract with us at any time.

We ask that you have all necessary permissions required to enter into the agreement. This means that you have the permission from all of your co-writers, publishers, producers, record labels, musicians, and vocalists involved with the composition and recording.  We also ask that you share as much of your work with us as possible - you never know what is being asked for!  Communication is everything, so giving us updated, accurate information is essential for a successful partnership.

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Below we'll list any specific genres we are looking for or requests that we've gotten.


We are happy to accept any raw demo material for the opportunity to align with recording artists.  Please tag the file as 'DEMO'.


We are currently accepting submissions specifically for film composers.  Please upload highlights from your portfolio with the tag 'COMPORT'. 


We are currently accepting submissions from all genres.

Publishers & Labels

You may submit on behalf of your artist or writer. 


There are a lot of important elements involved in the protection of your original works.  Have a question? Worried about our process? Don't be shy - ask!  We're here to help!  Send any questions or concerns to: